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Step 1: Clean emblem with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt, wax or oil.

Step 2: Remove paper backing

Step 3: Tear off about a quarter of the paper and place the paper back on the overlay so that a small amount of the top and sides are exposed.

Step 4: Place the overlay on top of your emblem and align the top and 2 sides with your emblem.

Step 5: Once the overlay is aligned with the emblem press down on the left side of the overlay so that is sticks well to the emblem.

Step 6: Once you have firmly pressed down on the left side, flip the overlay over and remove the paper backing completely

Step 7: Use your thumb to slowly apply the overlay onto your emblem.

Step 8: Once you have it completely installed rub over the entire overlay one more time to make sure it well adhered to the emblem.

Step 9: SLOWLY remove the clear application tape from the overlay. If there are any air bubbles pop them using the tip of a razor blade or Ex-Acto knife.

Step 10: Enjoy your badass overlays and show off to all your friends!